Stroke Development & Water Safety

icon time Class times:

All classes are 30 minutes in length

Classes are run 7 days a week

Check with your swim school for the current timetable!

icon time Recommended age:

From 4 years

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Class Size: 5

icon time Learning Aims

  • I can now complete 15m freestyle
  • I can now complete 15m backstroke
  • I can safely tread water for 30 seconds



Sea Lion

Sea Lion




Our Stroke Development Program covers a basic understanding of the freestyle and backstroke swimming techniques and also includes an Intermediate Water Safety Program.

Our Active Training/AUSTSWIM instructors focus on;

  • Perfecting student stroke techiniques before attempting to swim longer distances
  • Kicking drills to improve strength
  • Deep water awareness activities
  • Intermediate water safety skills

The Stroke Development Program is a skills based program which is not limited by age. We have established three exciting levels in this program to encourage independence and enjoyment.

In these levels our friendly instructors continue to assist your child to perfect their streamline head and body position, develop length and strength in freestyle arms, introduce and perfect correct side breathing and improve swimmers kicking action.

Backstroke drills are also introduced, again focussing on perfecting technique over a shorter distance.

Fun games such as diving for objects are included to improve underwater orientation and enjoyment.