Early Learning & Water Safety - From 2.5 Years

icon time Class times:

All classes are 30 minutes in length

Classes are run 7 days a week

Check with your swim school for the current timetable!

icon time Recommended age:

From 2 1/2 years

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Class Size: 4

icon time Learning Aims

  • I can enter and exit the pool safely
  • I can now do four freestyle arm strokes by myself
  • I can now do the floating sequence, front, back and mushroom float



Program Philosophy

As children move into the next developmental stage from 2.5 years, their independence increases as does their ability to receive instruction from adults, outside of the family unit. Independence in swimming is fostered through incremental achievements that are carefully nurtured by reptition of skills learned and sufficient challenge to achieve success.

Sea Star
Sea Star


For some children this may be their first introduction to the water and or swimming lessons. This program is perfect for beginners or nervous swimmers as they are introduced to the water in a warm, calm and comfortable environment.

We have established four exciting levels in our Early Learning Program to encourage independence and confidence.

Our Early Learning Program has been designed to accomodate swimmers from the age of 2.5 years onwards.

Swimmers in this program begin in the Turtle class where they are taught basic water safety skills in the deeper end of our pool. Once they are eligible to be promoted from the Turtle level, swimmers will move into either Clownfish for extended deep water safety skills or Pufferfish and Sea Star level where they will begin to learn basic freestyle and backstroke swimming techniques.

Our friendly Active Training/AUSTSWIM instructors focus on four main areas in our Early Learning Program;

  • Water Confidence
  • Water Safety
  • Encouraging Independence
  • Basic Swimming Techniques